Beanstalk was born out of my own IVF journey. I understand and know first hand how scary and overwhelming it can be when you first learn that you’ll need help growing your family via IVF. It’s an emotional roller coaster that can often leave you feeling isolated and alone. It doesn’t have to be that way! It’s now my mission to help bring comfort and hope to the thousands upon thousands of us going through IVF….all while helping to lessen the overwhelm. 

I’m Tina, owner of Around the Beanstalk…I’m so glad you’re here! 

Hi Friends!

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After trying several IUIs, we moved on to IVF in 2015. We were thrilled when I got pregnant with our son, Jack, on the first try…we couldn’t wait to grow our family. Sadly, I developed a severe case of pre-eclampsia at 22 weeks of pregnancy, and my son was born too early, at 23 weeks, due to my body starting to shut down. Jack was alive with us here on earth for two hours before passing away, and they were honestly two of the most beautiful hours of my life.

My husband and I struggled with unexplained infertility for years. 

How my IVF journey unfolded...

After we lost our son, doctors also recommended that I not carry another pregnancy. My body clearly did not react well to being pregnant, and I was in the hospital for many, many days trying to recover. Losing a son was traumatic and difficult enough…being told I shouldn’t carry another baby was just another gut wrenching blow. 

At this point we still had 3 healthy embryos remaining, and we were thrilled when my sister stepped in and offered to be our gestational carrier. She carried our daughter, Reagan, and gave birth to her in 2017. I’ll be forever grateful that she sacrificed so much to give us a child and help grow our family. 

We weren’t sure if we would be able to have any more children after Reagan, because we didn’t feel comfortable asking any of our friends/family for help. That’s why it felt so “meant to be” when I was connected with our gestational carrier who brought our son into the world. She was a friend of a friend, looking to carry a surro-baby for a second time. We embarked on an indy surrogacy journey, and our son, Wyatt, was born in 2019. I am so over-the-moon grateful that our family is complete. There were many days and nights I feared we would never get to this place, but here we are. My family is complete, which in turn makes my heart feel whole. It took many, many years for us to get here…but we made it, and I know you will too. Don’t ever give up hope, keep pushing, and your dreams will come true!