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**In honor of Jack, my forever angel baby**

Around the Beanstalk was born out of my own IVF journey. I never imagined needing IVF in order to have babies. I always assumed I’d choose when I wanted to get pregnant, and BAM! It would happen.

Well friends, that was not the case.

The past few years have been a long, roller coaster of a road, but we got through it….and you will too. I’ll be posting more details about my IVF story at a later date, so stay tuned if you want to read the nitty gritty.

When we started down the IVF road, it was OVERWHELMING to say the least. There were so many questions we had, so much research to look through, and lots of information being thrown our way. It was hard to keep it all straight, and that’s a statement coming from an overly organized person.

I searched for some sort of IVF journal that could help me keep everything straight, but there was nothing out there. Instead of continuing to search, I thought “why not create something on my own?” I knew if I was feeling this way, many other women were probably searching for the same thing.

That’s where the Beanstalk Binder comes in! I created the Beanstalk Binder so you can document, chronicle and organize your whole IVF journey. Keep track of all the details and document all of your babies in a beautiful way. At the time of each IVF journey, you THINK you’ll remember all of the details of the process….but I promise, you won’t. I wish I had done a better job of documenting all of my IVF journeys and pregnancies. I’m so excited that I now have a solution for all of you!

Around the Beanstalk is so important to me, and I feel so passionately about the community I’m striving to build through this business. In June 2016 we lost our son, Jack. He was born when I was 23 weeks into my pregnancy and lived just two hours with us here on Earth. I love him more than words can explain and think of him (and miss him) daily. I specifically named this business as a nod to him….as a way to keep his legacy going.

**This one is for you, Jack. **

How Beanstalk was Born