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So….how does the Beanstalk Binder work?

It’s simple, friends….I promise;)

The Beanstalk Binder was designed as a 3 ring binder for a very specific reason: every person’s IVF journey looks so different. No two journeys are created equal, so it was important to make our product truly customizable.

Are there sections that don’t apply to you? No problem, toss those pages!

Is there more you need to document, information that wasn’t included as a prompt in the binder? No problem! There are extra pages at the end, just add those pages in wherever they fit, and keep journaling!

Each IVF pack includes a pocket folder divider page. Use this space to indicate which number journey this is for you.

You can document and chronicle all of your IVF journeys in one binder! No need to purchase a new binder for each baby. Just purchase a new IVF paper pack as you move forward!

You can also document your pregnancies in the Beanstalk Binder as well. That way, details of your IVF journey and your corresponding pregnancy can be perfectly paired together!

Any questions? Simply shoot us a message, and we’d be happy to chat!

How to Use the Beanstalk Binder