the beanstalk blog

Infertility sucks. Plain and simple. No one chose to be here, yet 1 in 8 of us will find ourselves in the infertility world.

Moving on to IVF can become a daunting and overwhelming journey. You might not know where to turn, and you’re on information overload.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, friends! That’s where the Beanstalk Binder comes in.

The Beanstalk Binder is an IVF journal/planner/organizer. It’s a place to not only keep yourself organized with the MANY details involved with IVF, but it’s also a tool to sort out your thoughts, feelings and emotions through journaling.

My message to all of the IVF warriors out there? YOU GOT THIS. And if there is a tool like the Beanstalk Binder to help you along the way, why not? And just remember the following:

Infertility Sucks.