the beanstalk blog

It’s simple, really. The answer to why I created Around the Beanstalk, that is.

I believe that every baby….whether it’s a failed embryo transfer, early miscarriage, late pregnancy loss, stillborn….deserves to be honored, remembered, and have their legacy kept alive.

This simple belief is why I created the Beanstalk Binder. I want to give every person embarking on an IVF journey a beautiful way to document all of their babies in one place. Every baby, even ones who were not able to survive outside of the womb, deserve a space in this world. Let’s give them the honor they deserve….all while staying organized along the way. Because anyone who knows me, knows organization is my love language;)

I hope you enjoy chronicling your IVF journey as you grow your family over the years. My wish for you is that you have as many healthy babies as you desire….I can’t wait to watch all of your families grow!

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