the beanstalk blog

Overwhelmed by IVF? I feel you friend. It’s an emotional rollercoaster….a ride I never wanted to be on. IVF becomes an all-encompassing factor in your life. It takes up SO much of your time and mental space.

Between the endless appointments and remembering all of the tiny details, it can become utterly overwhelming. Add in the fact that many women feel incredibly isolated because they’re not comfortable with sharing details of their journey – add on even MORE overwhelm.

I struggled with infertility for 7 long years (IVF and surrogacy) before we were able to complete our family. Those years were filled with heartbreak, overwhelm and struggles. I truly thought I’d want to forget this time in my life ever happened, but I now feel the opposite.

I’m a stronger, more resilient person for having endured the difficulties we faced.

I’m not proud of all the hard work and sacrifice we went through to bring our children into the world.

When I started IVF, I searched high and low for an IVF journal. I am an organized person, but IVF was even overwhelming for me! I wanted a place to sort my thoughts and feelings, while keeping track of the MANY details involved in IVF.

There was nothing out there.


It felt awful to feel like I didn’t “fit in” since there wasn’t even a journal geared towards me and what I was going through.

I decided to change that.

I created the Beanstalk Binder, which is an IVF journal/organizer/planner. It includes everything you need to document your IVF cycle….from clinic info, to retrieval/transfer day, to a financial log….the Beanstalk Binder has it all. Let’s all get organized, and write out our emotions, all while lessening the overwhelm!

Overwhelmed by IVF? I feel you.