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January 27th, 2016: My very first embryo transfer, the date I became pregnant with our son, Jack.

January 27th, 2020: Around the Beanstalk is launched, in honor of Jack.

What a difference four years can make. It’s been quite the roller coaster the past four years, but here we are….we made it through.

I created this business as a dedication to our son, Jack, who we lost at 23 weeks into our pregnancy. I want him to have a legacy in this world, and this business and community we are building is just that. It’s his tiny, too-short life, living on. He may have only been with us for 2 hours on Earth, but he will live on forever in our hearts, and all we do.

Around the Beanstalk comes from a deeply personal, vulnerable place in my heart. It was created with so much love. Love for my son, and love for all of you. This can be a difficult space to be in life….going through IVF. But I send lots of love and hugs your way, and I wish nothing but lots of successful transfers and healthy babies throughout your journey.

So here we are. 4 years later, to the day. Beanstalk is born. Thank you for coming with me on this journey. It’s a very personal one, and it’s a journey that I feel so incredibly passionate about. Let’s do this!

The Beginning of Beanstalk